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$ off Boxiecat 16# Cat Litter

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  • Start: July 06, 2021
  • End: July 31, 2021


Boxiecat | $3.00 OFF Select Clay Litter

$3.00 OFF 16lb All Natural Scent Free Clay Litter

THE CLEANEST LITTER BOX EXPERIENCE: Veterinarian recommended and winner of the Cat Fancy Editors Choice Award, Boxiecat All Natural, Scent Free, Premium Clumping Clay Litter makes a noticeable difference. Hard Flat Top clumps form instantly on top , making it easy to scoop and keeps the litter box ultra-clean throughout use. Boxiecat achieves incredibly low dust levels with an advanced dust suppression process. It is all natural, hypoallergenic, and contains no chemicals or additives. Boxiecat litter is soft on cat’s paws and resists tracking. It's also 2x longer lasting so you'll use less, toss less, and save money over time.