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About For Healthy Pets

Store owner Theresa with critters (from left to right) Spaz, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Penelope Mouse, and Zero the Samoyed (aka Big Dog Nerd). Photo by Patricia White Photography. Copyright FHP.

For Healthy Pets! is the River Region's home for healthy pet foods & supplies! A refreshing alternative to the "big box store" experience, FHP offers high-quality products that include premium kibbles and canned foods, as well as dehydrated, freeze-dried, and prepackaged species appropriate (raw) food and treat options. We are here For (your) Healthy Pets, and look forward to meeting you soon!


Meet Our Team


"Zero" was the original FHP mascot. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 2, 2017. His daughter Karma now carries his torch.


"Karma" is a Samoyed, which is a type of sled dog. Many people ask if she's hot in the Alabama heat, but she's not! The Samoyed coat acts as insulation against heat and cold. Dogs don't sweat through their skin like we do. So imagine house insulation - the thicker (longer) it is, the more efficient it is at maintaining temperature. Karma is a very sweet dog, and she gets along great with the cats and most other animals. She loves children and is more than happy to play with them when they visit the store.


"Spaz" is our crazy red kitty. He was orphaned at the age of two weeks, and I got him at four weeks old. He can be sweet and silly, but for some reason doesn't like dogs his same color. Many folks have witnessed me taking Spaz to his "happy place" when he is displeased. His "happy place" is the cat shelf in the corner of the store.

Jethro & Penelope

"Jethro" (top), and "Penelope" are siblings. Their mother abandoned them when they were a few days old. Their eyes weren't open when she left. I bottle fed them and tried to find them homes, but as you can see, they are still here. LOL now we wouldn't trade them for the world! Jethro, aka Leroy Jethro Gibbs, *loves* people. He oftentimes jumps on people's shoulders when they least expect it. I've heard when folks at the Bark Park discuss the store, they ask each other if Jethro sat on their shoulders. I think that's too cute! I might have to run a "Jethro on Your Shoulders Selfie" contest one day! Penelope, aka Mouse, loves people, but loves her toys more. She's nicknamed "Mouse" because she looked like a little mouse scurrying along the baseboards to greet people when they came in the door. Penelope will bring toys to you for you to throw so she may fetch them. Many people have experienced her following them around the store, looking up with those big green eyes until they give in and throw the "ball" (former foot off dog toy) for her. We joke she's the cat nicknamed mouse who thinks she's a dog. Penelope is our Purr Monster and will purr very loudly when she's happy. Such a silly little mouse! PS The box on their collars is the receiver for our Pet Partners wireless containment system. We don't want the kitties in the middle of Atlanta Hwy!

What Our Customers Say

We love all of our local pet parents from Montgomery & nearby areas including Prattville, Millbrook, Deatsville, Wetumpka, Auburn, Tuskegee, Tallassee, along with our wonderful out of state customers! 

Come visit our pet supply store in Montgomery, AL specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.